Introduction in English

English introduction welcome handshake Taktikon marketing

We are a marketing project management, marketing consulting and marketing training company, providing our clients with insights and knowledge to design and run their own marketing systems and programs – more effectively and cost-efficiently.


We provide our services for larger companies that leverage our unique blend of international corporate experience and entrepreneurial pragmatism. This combination of skills allows us to avoid unnecessary pitfall and dead-ends in helping obtain sustainable business growth for our clients.


In addition, we not only advise our clients how to plan and execute their marketing strategy but can also coordinate and manage complex content marketing projects and offer interim marketing management services if required.


All of our services are bilingual; we take and execute marketing and business assignments both in Hungarian and English.


So if you believe that a more effective marketing can help your business, but aren’t sure where to begin or just need immediately deployable strategic resources – then we can help.


For more information please call +36 30 281 7302 or write at istvan dot szurop at taktikon dot hu